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Get Paid To Play The Lottery, Even If You Never Win!

2. Director Lottery Pools & Pay Plan

Ten people are in a Player Pool and ten percent of all winnings get distributed to each pool member. Director pools are a completely different structure. As a director, you receive 50% of your own ticket winnings instead of the 10% Players get. You get 10% of all winnings on the rest of the tickets in your pool.

But how big is that pool? This is going to sound impossible, but there is no limit.

As a Director, you start with a blank slate. You build your own pool by referring others to the program. You play on their lottery tickets every month and receive ten percent of all ticket winnings. You can refer both Directors and Players, but Players do not have the option of referring anyone. Other Players get assigned to their pool. That right there sounds good in itself, doesn’t it? You have seen the first step to creating an unlimited pool size. Anyone and everyone you refer is in your pool. You play on their lottery tickets and receive ten percent of all winnings.

But wait a minute… that’s only 60%. Where do the rest of the lottery winnings go?

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Everyone who enrolls as a Director is going to want to build their pool. You saw how (from a width perspective) there is no limit to pool size. Now let’s look at depth. For the sake of example, suppose you only enrolled five people and stopped. You could enroll many more, or even less, and most people consistently refer others, but let’s use this as an example. If those five went out and did the same thing, they would have five people under them. You would have the five you enrolled under you and twenty five under them. You play on those twenty five tickets too.

Here’s what happens when this scenario duplicates itself five levels deep:
When five enroll five, you have 25 on level two.
When 25 enroll five, you have 125 on level three.
When 125 enroll five, you have 625 on level four.
When 625 enroll five, you have 3,125 on level five.
Add it all up and it comes to 3,905 people in your pool.

You would play on 31,240 ​tickets every month in Powerball and 31,240 tickets in MegaMillions. If any of them win anything, you get ten percent (plus 50% of your own winnings). Everything gets paid out, small or big. If 1,000 people have $3 winnings tickets, you get ten percent of it, or $300. If one of them hits a $10 million jackpot, you get a million dollars, plus all the small winnings added up.

Many people still don’t get it and ask how it’s possible to pay 3,905 people ten percent, so let’s clear that up. Your pool is 3,905 people but each winning ticket in your pool pays six people, one of which will be you.

You saw how you got paid a million dollars on a ten million dollar jackpot, but look at it in reverse: If your numbers hit a $10 million jackpot, you get $5 million. One million gets paid to the person who referred you. One million gets paid to the person who referred that person. This continues until the chain of 5 who referred you each receive a million dollars. In other words, you are always playing on every ticket in your pool. You will always get paid on winning tickets, but there are only 6 people who will play on a single ticket and get paid.

That should clear it up.

Players in your Director Pool are two levels deep instead of five. This is where the other 20% of Player Pool winnings get paid out. Ten percent goes to the eight people in the pool. The ninth person in the pool is the Director who referred the Player with the winning ticket. The tenth person is the Director who referred that Director.

As a Director, your pool is five levels deep on all other Directors and two levels deep on all Players.

​But wait... It Gets Even Better…

As a Director you also get paid monthly on all ​Directors and Players in your Lottery Pool, Even If Every Ticket Played On Is A Worthless Loser!

You get paid half the membership fee ($85), every single month, on every Director you enroll. This means all you need to do is refer two directors ​ and you get a FREE ride! Everything over that is money in your pocket.

​You also get paid $10 monthly for every Player you enroll.

You are also paid $3 each on every Director on levels two through five, and $5 each on every level two player. It may not sound like much, but keep in mind, all of these sales add up and none of them are from your own efforts. If you take a look at the hypothetical situation of building a pool five people wide and five levels deep, in addition to playing on 31,240 lottery tickets in both lotteries each month, you would also be getting paid a whopping $31,145 every month!

​In today's day and age, even an extra five hundred bucks a month would be a tremendous benefit to most people. If all you did was enroll eight directors, you would be playing the lottery for free, getting a check for $510 each month after your membership was subtracted out, and you would have eight people building your lottery pool and receiving income from their sales through five levels!

Since the lottery has mass appeal and the WealthPerx system offers benefits which are unavailable through traditional ticket purchase methods, referring many more over time results in building your pool, increasing your odds at winning, and increasing your monthly income, even if you never win!

​Our Director position also provides you with FREE self-replicating websites, lead capture pages, and an autoresponder which follows up with prospects on your behalf. If you had to go out and do this on your own, the monthly service fees alone would be over $130 per month AND you would have a lot of work ahead of you. This system is plug and play, ready to go as soon as you enroll.